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Performance Analaysis

Independent Measurement: Parzall offers an independent measurement service. We generate a report on your software's runtime performance characteristics. This report can be used to support performance claims for advertizing and publications.

Regression Testing: Parzall offers a regression testing service. We measure your software's runtime performance characteristics for each software release on a periodic basis. The regression report indicates which transactions or use cases have become either faster or slower.

Deep Analysis: Parzall offers deep performance analysis. We break down the performance of transactions or use cases in your software according to their constituent parts. We identify sections of code which are the best targets for optimization.

Code Optimization

Feasibility Analysis: Parzall feasibility analysis is the first stage in our code optimization service. First we estimate the differential between current performance and the theoretical optimal performance. If it makes sense to continue we analyze the design, structure, algorithms, and coding techniques and generate proof-of-concept alternatives.

Multithreading Analysis: During multithreading analysis Parzall determines if a sequential section of code can be broken into a parallel algorithm. Modern CPUs have at least two processing cores giving us a 50% speed-up on the table here.

Code Optimization: If the proposed performance optimizations are intrusive Parzall can provide guidance and assistance for your programming team. If the optimizations are well contained we can directly provide the source code changes.

Fundamentals Training

Parzall offers a training course which is titled "Fundamentals of Performance Optimization". The length of this course can be customized anywhere from 1/2 day to 3 days. The class content includes measurement methodology, analysis techniques, common optimizations, and parallel programming.